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Omega-3 Softgels
Omega-3 Softgels
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Omega-3 Softgels

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Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels

  • Supports healthy thyroid function

  • Provides essential nutrients (especially for those that do not consume seafood)

  • Supports hormonal balance

  • Supports weight loss efforts and helps with cognivtive function

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Omega 3 Fish Oil

The DHA in fish oil is considered critical for supporting brain function and helping reduce inflammation. EPA helps support healthy joint function by giving your body the nutrients needed to lubricate and maintin healthy joints. Studies have also found that omega-3 fatty acids help reduce triglycerides which helps with long term heart health benefits. DPA & EPA have been proven to support eye health as well.

Why Motiv-8? Our serving size make this a potent supplement that everyone should incorporate into their supplement routine. As you can see studies have shown that Omega-3 Fish Oils are essential for overall health and wellness. Whether you are a fitness fanatic, a busy mom or someone that simply wants to live a balanced & healthy lifestyle: The Omega-3 Fish Oil from Motiv-8 is here to support that lifestyle!