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Motiv-8 GREENS

Motiv-8 GREENS

Motiv-8 Greens supplies you with super antioxidants, fruits, vegetables, fiber and enzymes all in one delicious drink. Our formula contains organic ingredients and never any artificial dyes, colors, sweeteners or flavors. Our digestive enzyme and fiber blend ensure your digestive system is functioning at its best by absorbing key nutrients and promoting regularity. 

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Motiv-8 Greens supplies vegan superfoods designed to nourish and revitalize both your body and brain while promoting alkalinity with naturally derived minerals.

  • Supports Optimal Nutrient Absorption
  • Great Source Of Alkalizing Minerals
  • Includes Fiber For Digestive Support
  • Has Powerful Antioxidants For Immune System Support

Directions: The entire family can enjoy Greens TASTY Motiv-8 Greens in a shake or a glass of iced water (16 Fl Oz). You can take Greens during any time of day.

Alkalization With Motiv-8

With Motiv-8 Greens you can enjoy your daily greens, superfruits, and veggies in seconds! Mix it with water or add it to your shake.

The meals you eat leave a deposit known as metabolic waste, which is referred to as "ash."

This metabolic waste might be acidic, alkaline, or neutral. Studies have shown that metabolic waste has a direct impact on the acidity of your body.

In other words, eating foods that produce acidic ash causes your blood to become more acidic. When you consume nutrients that help produce alkaline ash, your body gets extra support in functioning more efficiently leading to multiple health benefits!

Alkalizing Greens & Fiber Blend

Contains organic grasses and vegetables that have a natural source of alkalizing minerals. We include fiber to help with blood sugar levels and bowel health!