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How old do I need to be to take Motiv-8 Performance supplements?
Our products are recommended for individuals 18 years or older. Greens, Hydrate and Amino are part of our Wellness Collection and can be used as a low-calorie, sugar-free alternative to off-the-shelf brands for children and teens under the age of 18.

We encourage you to contact your physician before adding any vitamins or supplements to your diet or your child’s diet. 

Where are your products made?
All of our products are manufactured in the United States at a GMP-certified facility. This ensures that our facility is compliant with FDA regulations and requirements and that our products remain under strict quality control. 

Can I use your products if I'm breastfeeding?
Please contact your physician before adding any vitamins or supplements to your diet.  

Can I drink Burn and Amino at the same time during my workout?
If you are drinking Burn to get the most out of your gym time, we recommend taking one Burn Capsule or drinking a scoop of Burn powder with your favorite beverage approximately 30 minutes before your workout. Amino will help refresh your body and reduce recovery time and is best consumed during or after your workout.

Both Burn and Amino are great for increasing energy and endurance on non-training days as well. 

Why is my product container half full?
All of our products are sold by weight and bulk powder, which can settle during shipment and make the container appear half full. Each of our products are carefully weighed during assembly and packaging to ensure you are receiving the full amount of your order.


If I have a question about my order, who can I contact? 
Please email us at orders@iammotiv8.com or complete our contact form.

I received my shipment, but an item is missing or damaged.
We’re so sorry to hear that! If you have reviewed your order confirmation and find that something is missing or a product in your shipment is damaged, please email us at orders@iammotiv8.com or complete our contact form. We will work to rectify the issue as soon as possible. 

What payment methods can I use?
We accept all major credit cards, or you can pay through PayPal.


For questions on shipping and returns, please click here.


How can I become a Motiv-8 Ambassador?
Our business wouldn’t be what it is without our Ambassador and Influencer partners. If our purpose and products align with yours, then we’d love to hear from you! Click here to complete an application for consideration.