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I have been using Motiv-8 supplements since the very start of my bodybuilding journey back in 2018. I became hooked on the brand itself after trying a sample of their Burn powder in the mixed berries flavor. I have tested many pre workouts from many different brands in the last five years and have found that nothing beats the taste and formula of Motiv-8 Burn. There’s not a single flavor of Burn that has ever disappointed me. As I dove into my first competition prep, I was given the opportunity to try all of the Motiv-8 products. I have found that each of the products are super effective due to their potent formulations.

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Prep Life

Over the years, Motiv-8 supplements have set me up for a successful prep for each of my shows allowing me to bring the best physique to the stage. Motiv-8 has ALL of the key essential formulas needed for a successful prep. Check out my stack below to see my entire lineup of Motiv-8 products I have been using for the last 4+ years.

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