No Gym? No Problem!

No Gym? No Problem!

Not being able to go to the gym can be hard on your workout routine, especially if you don’t have the luxury of a home gym. If you’ve tried and failed at looking for weights and other gym equipment, we have some tips to help! You might have some useful equipment in your home, your backyard or around your neighborhood, and you don’t even know it.


Canned goods can be used for light weights to do a range of different workouts. If you want heavier weights, you can put canned goods into a backpack. If you find it hard to grip canned goods you can also use books.


Oven mitts can be used as sliders for workouts. On hardwood floors, you can use your oven mitts as a make-shift ab roller. 


A gallon of water can be used for heavier weights for your exercises like squats or deadlifts.


Laundry detergent and softeners can be used as kettlebells or dumbbells.


Chairs are versatile in workouts. If you put two chairs next to each other and align a broom in the back, you can do a variety of back workouts. You can also use chairs as step boxes for your workouts.


You can walk up and down your stairs in your home, or if you live in an apartment complex, use the stairs as an outdoor workout space. 

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