Improve Your Sleep in Four Easy Ways

Improve Your Sleep in Four Easy Ways

The last few months have brought more uncertainty into our lives than many of us would have thought possible. Constant worry and stress may have a negative impact on your sleep as you lay awake thinking about how our day-to-day lives have changed in countless ways. 

Good news is, with a few adjustments to your routine, you can help preserve your precious hours of sleep and improve your overall well being. We can’t control what’s happening in our world right now, but we can control our attitude and actions to lessen the impact that stress has on our sleep. Here are some ways that might help to calm your mind and body and encourage a restful night’s sleep.


With a little extra time at home, now is the perfect opportunity to create a cozier environment to catch some zzzs. Simple changes like adding room-darkening blinds, plugging in a diffuser to soothing scents like lavender or chamomile and ditching the use of all electronics (TV included!) can make a world of difference. If you have more time on your hands for a DIY project, consider a new paint color that will help put your mind at ease. 


With spring temperatures on the rise and summer just a few months away, it’s important to regulate the temperature in your bedroom. Keeping your thermostat anywhere from 62-68 degrees fahrenheit is the recommended sweet spot. If you’d prefer to avoid running the A/C all night, try keeping your windows open, wearing lightweight pajamas, or investing in cooling bed sheets. 


While a drink or two at the end of the day might help you fall asleep faster, alcohol can negatively impact your sleep once the calming effect has worn off. Your sleep can become easily interrupted and restless, which can leave you feeling lethargic and unrefreshed in the morning. Try cutting back on any alcoholic drinks at least four hours before you get into bed and consider a calming pre-sleep routine like meditation, reading a book or enjoying a cup of non-caffeinated tea. 


We know that a regularly scheduled bedtime is one of the most important things for children and young adults, but we’re not as strict with ourselves when it comes to going to bed and getting up at the same time every day. Working from home and the absence of normal schedules can cause you to feel like you should stray from your routine, but being consistent with your sleep schedule will reinforce your body’s sleep cycle. 



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