Gut Health Tips

Gut Health Tips

Gut health is often overlooked and not given the attention it deserves, despite affecting your entire body. Other than the brain, the gut is the only organ that has its own nervous system, which is why it is sometimes referred to as the second brain. Some common symptoms that come from bad gut health include bloating, heartburn, gas, and irregular body weight fluctuations. A healthy gut is key to a healthy digestive system, which is vital for your overall health. 

Your digestive system is in charge of absorbing key nutrients and promoting regularity. For it to continue working properly, you need to put the right things in your body. A key nutrient is fiber. Fiber is part of plant food that helps maintain regularity. It feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut that is responsible for healthy digestion. 

Most people don’t meet the recommended daily intake of 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. Some foods that are high in fiber are carrots, beets, bananas, and broccoli. Even though there are many foods that contain fiber, it is hard to reach the daily recommended amount purely from food. 

A common way people reach their recommended daily intake of fiber is taking supplements. Digestive focus supplements help with not only fiber intake, but also keep your body balanced with alkalizing minerals. Many things go into keeping your digestive system healthy; however, supplements allow a steam line process and take one thing off your plate. 

Many people think that having one general supplement is enough to support them, but it is better to get a supplement that focuses on a certain part of your health. A specific supplement can add all the key things needed for what it is targeting; however, a general one can only scratch the surface. 

In relation to gut health, a supplement we recommend is Greens by Motiv-8 Performance®. Not only do our Greens have fiber, but also super antioxidants, fruits, vegetables and enzymes that support your gut health. Motiv-8 Greens also comes in two flavors: tangerine and peach, which allows you to kick off your morning with not only a healthy drink, but also a yummy one. 

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