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I am relaxed.

Reach a calm, relaxed state-of-mind to rest your body, ease stress and wind down after a busy day with Mellow’s all-natural, non-habit-forming blend. Learn about the full benefits

Bring on a sense of peace and calm.


Your days are filled with fun and frenzy, so when it comes to winding down, there’s nothing more enticing than a nightcap. And, a nightcap without the side effects is even more appealing. Curated with all-natural ingredients, Mellow is a non-habit-forming supplement that supports healthy serotonin and cortisol levels in your body to calm your mind and provide essential relaxation. That way, when you hit the ground running after a good night’s sleep, there’s nothing stopping you from making it a good mood kind-of-day.

Net Weight: 165 Grams / 30 Servings

5-HTP: Natural chemical in your body that supports healthy serotonin and cortisol levels

GABA: Naturally occurring amino acid that reduces anxiety and promotes a calm state of mind

L-Theanine: Amino acid found most commonly in tea leaves that reduces stress and enhances cognitive function

Melatonin: Supports healthy serotonin and cortisol levels which improves sleep

Mucuna Pruriens: Tropical legumes that improve your mood by increasing your body’s production of dopamine


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