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Motiv-8 Amino is a delicious recovery drink with electrolytes and BCAAs for enhanced endurance and faster recovery, along with Hydromax for increased hydration. With Motiv-8 Amino, you will experience faster recovery and enhanced muscle repair. Ultimately, you can train harder and train sooner after your last workout, minimizing your downtime, allowing you to live your best version of you. 



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Recovery Matrix

Combines BCAA’s with L-Glutamine to provide fuel for immune and intestinal cells and help keep the connections in the intestines strong. The perfect matrix for nourishing your muscles allowing for rapid recovery.

  • Ultimate Hydration Formula

  • Supports Faster Recovery

  • Helps With Endurance

  • Helps Enhance Muscle Repair

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Helps boost nitric oxide production in the body, helping your arteries relax and work efficiently. It also also supports blood flow throughout your body and may be helpful for helping combat certain diseases.


A highly-concentrated—65 percent—yet stable form of powdered glycerol in a proprietary blend of glycerol and silica designed to help improve performance, increase your physical output and improve your muscle pumps by achieving a new level of hydration.

Complete Amino Endurance Matrix

Our Motiv-8 proprietary amino acid blend is designed to help increase muscular endurance allowing you to train longer and harder.

We include electrolytes in our blend which helps keep your body hydrated even during the most intense workout!


BCAAs, or Branched Chain Amino Acids, are three important amino acids that your body needs to function. Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine are three amino acids that can aid muscle protein synthesis, muscular growth, and help combat muscle fatigue.

BCAA supplementation may help you avoid becoming catabolic during periods of fasting, exercise, or heavy training.


When Do I Take Aminos?

Mix 1 scoop in -12 ounces of water and drink during your workout as a nutritional supplement. On days when you aren't training, consume throughout the entire day.

Can I use it with Burn?

Yes - it is the perfect combo for all day energy and a faster recovery. Check out our Energy Bundle to save $.