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K2 + D3 Vitamin Capsules
K2 + D3 Vitamin Capsules
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K2 + D3 Vitamin Capsules

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K2 + D3 Capsules

  • May help with absorption of calcium

  • Helps maintain strong & healthy bones

  • Helps maintain healthy teeth

  • May help with slowing deterioration of neural tissues


The Vitamin K2 + D3 duo is a fantastic combo of minerals due to the fact that one helps the other.

Vitamin D can be absorbed from either the foods we eat or natural sunlight. For those of us with heavy winters and rainy falls this supplement comes in super handy!

Vitamin K can help regulate your metabolism and supports healthy blood coagulation (clotting).

Vitamin K2 may help with:

bone mineralization, arterial calcification prevention, heart calcification prevention, tooth enamel strengthening, cutaneous cellular antioxidant, and hormone production regulation.