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Burn Stick Variety Pack Sampler

Burn Stick Variety Pack Sampler

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    Try our Motiv-8 Burn VARIETY PACK

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Laura Steudel

    The best part about BURN is that you can get the energy without the itch, I absolutely love it. I even take it on my rest days before work

    Caitlin Maher
    Love all the flavors!

    MOTIV-8's Burn is so good and I loved all the flavors! They taste so good and give me the right boost of energy for my workout without feeling jumpy.

    Iva Southall

    These burn stick give you the ultimate of energy that last you through out the day. I am often tired but these made my life so much easier.

    Judy S
    Great samples

    I love using different flavors to see what I like best. They have all been very tasty.

    Tiersha Anderson
    Samples got me HOOKED!

    After using all my samples up you know I HAD to order some more! Team watermelon!

    Customer Reviews

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    Delicious fat burning drink that helps reduce appetite and enhance mood while providing all day feel good energy.

    • Helps Reduce Appetite

    • Supports Enhanced Mood

    • Feel Good Energy

    • Helps Burn Fat

    See Ingredients

    Dandelion Root

    Used as a mild appetite suppressant, dandelion root can act as a mild laxative to help an upset stomach and support digestion. Preliminary research suggests that dandelion may also help improve liver and gallbladder function.

    Raspberry Ketone

    A natural substance found in rasberry’s that are responsible for their distinct aromatic smells. They are believed to assist in the effective breakdown of fat cells to help your body burn fat more effectively. Raspberry Ketones can also support the increase of adiponectin, a hormone that helps regulate metabolism.

    Green Tea Extract

    An excellent source of antioxidants! Green Tea Extract has been credited with a range of health benefits - from promoting heart, liver, and brain health to improving skin texture and clarity to even reducing the risk of certain types of major health issues. What’s more, many studies have looked at the ability of green tea extract to aid weight loss and the results have been amazing! 


    A naturally occurring fatty acid found in meat and dairy products. CLA is also a popular dietary supplement in helping people burn fat, retain lean muscle mass, and control type 2 diabetes - the type of diabetes that is often associated with obesity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I replace Coffee with Burn?

    Absolutely! Throw in some ice for a super refreshing morning beverage and get ready for ALL DAY ENERGY WITHOUT THE CRASH!

    Will I feel itchy after Burn?

    Our Burn Matrix formula is SUPER CLEAN. You will not feel jittery or itchy after consuming Motiv-8 Burn!

    Why is Motiv-8 Burn better?

    As mentioned, our formula is clean. Burn doubles up not only as an energy inducing pre-workout but it doubles up as a world class fat burner!

    Which flavor should I choose?

    Try out our Burn Variety Sample Pack with code "SampleShip" for free shipping and choose your favorite flavor!