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A sweet way to curb your cravings, Dessert Protein provides you with more than just a delicious, low-calorie snack. Protein, fiber, prebiotics and enzymes help your digestive tract work more efficiently, and antioxidants help keep your immune system healthy. Learn about the full benefits

Your favorite guilt-free snack.


Dessert for less than 100 calories—yes, please! In a world of “eat this, not that,” supplementing your diet with a snack that keeps you on track to reach your goals just got easier. Whether you’ve set out to lose weight, resolved to eat healthier or made the decision to cut out sweets altogether, Dessert Protein will have your taste buds soaring while keeping your macro intake in check. Low in carbs, sugars, and fats, this guilt-free supplement will be your new go-to pantry favorite.

Net Weight: 454 Grams (1 lb.) / 25 Servings

Digestive Blend: Increases your body's ability to digest food, helps with absorption of nutrients and alleviates many common digestive disorders

Fiber Blend: Aids in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, improves mineral absorption, helps prevent constipation, and improves overall digestive health while providing a sense of fullness

High-ORAC Fruit Blend: Removes free radicals, improves heart, skin, and eye health, and supercharges the immune system


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