K2 + D3 Vitamin Capsules
K2 + D3 Vitamin Capsules
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K2 + D3 Vitamin Capsules

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Looking for a natural way to support your bone and cardiovascular health? Motiv-8 Vitamin K2 & D3 Capsules may be just what you need!

Vitamin K2 and D3 are essential nutrients that work together to support strong bones and a healthy cardiovascular system. Motiv-8 Vitamin K2 & D3 Capsules contain a potent combination of these two important vitamins, making it easy to support your overall health and well-being.

These capsules are made with pure, natural ingredients, and are free from any fillers or artificial additives. They are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their bone density, support heart health, and promote overall wellness.

So if you're looking for a natural way to support your bone and cardiovascular health, try Motiv-8 Vitamin K2 & D3 Capsules today.



K2 + D3 Capsules

  • May help with absorption of calcium

  • Helps maintain strong & healthy bones

  • Helps maintain healthy teeth

  • May help with slowing deterioration of neural tissues


The Vitamin K2 + D3 duo is a fantastic combo of minerals due to the fact that one helps the other.

Vitamin D can be absorbed from either the foods we eat or natural sunlight. For those of us with heavy winters and rainy falls this supplement comes in super handy!

Vitamin K can help regulate your metabolism and supports healthy blood coagulation (clotting).

Vitamin K2 may help with:

bone mineralization, arterial calcification prevention, heart calcification prevention, tooth enamel strengthening, cutaneous cellular antioxidant, and hormone production regulation.