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I am regular.

Our Detox Digestion Matrix improves regularity, stimulates weight loss and eliminates stubborn toxins in your gut, giving your body a gentle cleanse and added nutrients to speed up digestion. Learn about the full benefits

Your schedule runs like clockwork. Your digestive tract should do the same.


Real talk: Irregularity and belly bloat are more common than you think. And with a daily schedule that’s already jam-packed, worrying about how to get your digestive tract on track should be the last thing on your mind. Detox is a daily supplement that will get rid of unwanted toxins lingering in your gut and help your body absorb essential nutrients and process food more efficiently to improve your regularity.

90 Capsules / 45 Servings

Aloe: Aids your body’s digestion, removes toxins and improves bowel movements

Bentonite Clay: Absorbs toxins while supporting the immune system and protecting the body against harmful agents

Cascara Sagrada: Non-habit-forming herbal remedy that promotes regularity while driving toxins out of your major organs

Digestion Matrix: Increases your ability to digest food, helps with absorption of nutrients, alleviates many common digestive disorders and reduces incidence of yeast infections and candida


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