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I am hydrated.

An effortless way to increase your daily water intake, Hydrate boasts four select electrolytes and added Vitamin B and C to help you replenish your body without the added sugars or calories of most common off-the-shelf brands. Learn about the full benefits

Quench your thirst. Replenish your body.


Your body depends on water to maintain the function of every system in your body, from your heart and your brain to your muscles and digestive tract. Hydrate is a low-calorie, sugar-free alternative to off-the-shelf brands that increases your water intake and absorption, helping your body to feel sustained and refreshed throughout the day. Proper hydration can cleanse your body and flush out toxins, make your skin more supple, alleviate muscle fatigue and increase energy levels—essential components to improving your overall health!

Net Weight: 156 Grams / 30 Servings

B Vitamins – Known as the “energy” vitamins because they help your body process the food you eat and turn calories into useable energy

Beta Power™ – Keeps your muscles nourished, increases protein synthesis and enhances performance

Electrolytes – Essential minerals to keep you hydrated and regulate your body’s pH levels

Sustamine™ – Liquid-stable L-Glutamine that increases cellular hydration to sustain your energy level and speed up recovery


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