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I am ready for a transformation.

You have the ability to reinvent yourself. We have the ability to help. Burn is scientifically designed with fat-burning technology to keep you focused, alert and energized to increase your exercise goals, while Detox eliminates stubborn toxins in your gut to give your body a gentle cleanse. Sleep increases your metabolism by relaxing your mind and body so you can achieve a deeper sleep all night long. Learn about the full benefits

Change your mind and your body.


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Burn fat, lose weight and keep your energy level high all day long. Our revolutionary Burn Matrix is designed to help you tackle everything on your to-do list. And by to-do list, we mean everything from a high-intensity workout to taking a stroll around the block to playing with your kids after school. For a quick burst of energy, drink Burn all at once, or sip on it throughout the day to provide you with the stamina to take on everything in your busy schedule.
Approximate Net Weight: 190 Grams / 30 Servings
Net weight may vary by flavor

Real talk: Irregularity and belly bloat are more common than you think. And with a daily schedule that’s already jam-packed, worrying about how to get your digestive tract on track should be the last thing on your mind. Detox is a daily supplement that will get rid of unwanted toxins lingering in your gut and help your body absorb essential nutrients and process food more efficiently to improve your regularity.
90 Capsules / 45 Servings

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Resting your mind and body not only improves your spirit, your mindset and your productivity throughout the day, but it has added bonuses like decreasing stress and increasing your metabolism. Sleep is an all-natural, non-habit-forming supplement to calm your over-stimulated mind so instead of lying awake thinking about all you have to do, you can get up in the morning refreshed and ready to rock your day.

60 Capsules / 30 Servings


CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): Naturally occurring fatty acid that enhances fat burning and maintains weight loss

Garcinia Cambogia: Tropical fruit that helps to speed up weight loss, reduce your appetite and boost exercise endurance

Green Coffee Bean: Unroasted coffee beans containing Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid, an antioxidant compound that boosts metabolism, balances blood sugar and reduces sugar cravings

L-Carnitine: Amino acid naturally produced by your body that generates energy, increases heart and brain function and improves muscle movement

Raspberry Ketone: Natural substance found in red raspberries that boosts your metabolism<


Aloe: Aids your body’s digestion, removes toxins and improves bowel movements

Bentonite Clay: Absorbs toxins while supporting the immune system and protecting the body against harmful agents

Cascara Sagrada: Non-habit-forming herbal remedy that promotes regularity while driving toxins out of your major organs

Digestion Matrix: Increases your ability to digest food, helps with absorption of nutrients, alleviates many common digestive disorders and reduces incidence of yeast infections and candida


5-HTP: Natural chemical in your body that supports healthy serotonin and cortisol levels

Acetyl L-Carnitine: Amino acid naturally produced by your body that improves heart and brain function while breaking down fat cells

Ashwagandha: Ancient medicinal herb that helps your body manage stress, boost brain function and lower blood sugar and cortisol levels

Chamomile: Herb that helps reduce anxiety and depression while encouraging a good night's sleep

GABA: Naturally occurring amino acid that reduces anxiety and promotes a calm state of mind

Melatonin: Supports healthy serotonin and cortisol levels which improves sleep

Burn supplement facts may vary by flavor. Complete details are available on the Burn product page.

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